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Why Laramint?

In the world of eLearning platforms, there has been always a competitive view that will make each different and special. Laramint is going to make a revolutionary insight and offer you unique features.

Education is pleasurable with Laramint

We believe to make a different experience for you in education. This is done by providing innovative aspects in Laramint that you can read in the following:

1. road map

While other open source eLearning platforms follow a class view for education, our system has designed a specific road map for each course. This feature is customizable for each learner and considers what he needs to learn wisely and his needs in learning. Similarly, the mentor is able to set detailed education items by the help of system report of what his learner is doing and eliminate his possible weak points. As this happens, we have certainly covered three dimensions involving education, support of a mentor, and evaluation.

learn easily on an open source platform

2. Gamification

This feature is a really nice experience which you may find it on other platforms but the type and idea of it is important. Gamification of our platform allows learners to take pleasure in learning besides their education. In addition, it is a strategic attempt to make learning fun for everyone to entertain, motivate and engage users into what they learn.

3. Multiple contents and courses

One thing that makes learning well-developed and complete, is the wide range of sources and items available for the learner to choose. On our open source platform, you can access limitless services and contents based on your needs. Hence, it is available for our clients to have a kind of service that is okay and necessary for them and step in a wonderful and unforgettable learning path.

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4. Cloud service

This aspect is a perfect option for everyone to take advantage of a desirable content at a low cost. This is so precious for clients because they like to use and share many contents with others. It is better to know that we have a simple and easy-to-use service for even an education center or an organization or similar ones to make their contents and then use them for any class or course they prefer.

5. Marketplace

We will offer jobs to many people through our marketplace. It provides an unbelievable place or market for every mentor or education center in the world to make their own content or course and share it publicly with other clients to buy and gain financial benefits. By the help of this service, every one is okay to produce and share his customized contents and finally to make it specifically personal for himself.

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