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Track progress

For every eLearning platform or any other online education system, it is necessary to give a report on various issues related to learners’ activity. Laramint has this ability for making clients be aware of what the learner is doing and his development during the given course. This happens via an overall report that is related to different items , learners’ activity, and several similar items. In order to possess a distinct track progress, we should consider some main criteria such as:

  • Quiz scores
  • Level of proficiency
  • Reading time
  • Assignment turn in

What does a progress report show?

In addition to the mentioned aspects, it is very important to have a report which is upgraded regularly. In this case, it will be reliable and valid for a student to follow his growth rate in education. Also, if the learner knows how well he is moving toward his goal, he will have a control on his progress rate and for sure follow a wise education.

Why should a learner track his progress?

The purpose of track progress is related to the learner’s grade level and how well he wants to do in his learning process. Surely every learner is eager to know his progress level and this can help him to go on better. This idea is more clear when the learners knows his objective in learning and has a special plan for it.

when to track?

There is no exact time or schedule for receiving a track progress but it depends on the learner’s demand and it is better to have it as often as possible. The more up to date data the learner has about his learning progress, the more knowledgeable and dominant he will be about his education. It is notable that by knowing this, learner will work on his weaknesses and try to improve day by day.

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