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Top 10 open source LMS on GitHub 2022

Here you are going to be familiar with the top 10 open source LMS on GitHub in the year 2022. The world of eLearning education, especially LMS platforms is so wide and powerful. There is always a big competition among LMS platforms to have the best services and features for their clients.

Have a look at the topics of this article:

  • Time-saving: LMS can put you in an expanded pattern of learning and it is different from a normal class. So there is no need for a mentor to focus on every learner and instead use his time more efficiently.
  • A digital space for you: On an LMS, you will experience a digital atmosphere and there is no need to spend money for buying stationeries or other stuff for a normal class.
  • You are free to have your course: There is no limitation for a client to join a special class or course that has a fixed time and place. So it is you who chooses where and when to have his class.
  • You have more fun and more interesting items: When you are educating on an eLearning platform, learning will be interesting. It would have several features such as multimedia contents, gamification, etc.
  • Managing your curse is easier: As you know, LMS helps you have an efficient and effective process in your education. This is clear when a user is able to enjoy an easy access to many services and features besides accuracy and speed in his learning path.
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Mindflash platform is cloud-based eLEarning and it is the best one for launching some purposes like extensive training, launching initial programs and the best choice for global programs. This LMS is helpful for onboarding, online classes and similar formats for every company or organization.

SkyPrep is the one for small and big companies that need a simple way to train their staff and employees or other clients. With help of SkyPrep you are able to have online education easily. It also reports learners’ performance and makes learning enjoyable for you. This LMS has unlimited training content and online reporting procedure. Customize your learning space with the logo and name of your business.

ProProfs is also a good choice for every kind of industry or company and even for tutors. On this LMS, you can have several corporate training. It offers a perfect library with over 100 prepared courses that you can customize them. Its centralized online platform helps you manage the groups of learners, admins, assignments, etc. In addition, its quizzes keep your knowledge up-to-date.

Laramint is a LMS that will automatically put you in a n amazing world of learning with its unique features and services and features. This platform would make a memorable experience for the users and is ready to prepare and design any kind of training program for you. It creates a chance for all the automated, personalized, and spectacular experiences of eLearning. Imagine that in Laramint you are allowed to have your own panel and design what you need for your course. What’s more, there is no limitation for the user to have several features such as cloud service, marketplace, gamification, road map, course management, SMS & email marketing, onboarding, notification, embed external resources, personalized contents, and many more.

iSpring is fast LMS and easy for everyone to learn a lot with its special features. Like other platforms, this is also active on onboarding, training for products, certification, and similar courses. This LMS involves a proper procedure in which clients would have a control on their training program and know what exactly they are doing. iSpring makes a learning path that is systemic for everyone and it is flexible to be customized. It also has different support formats such as SCORM support. You can set various roles for users and make groups of learners as well as a calendar for events that mentors will fix and organizes their courses and activities.

This LMS would support teams with easy and flexible procedures. Talentlms offers tools for course development and eLearning programs. Similar to other online platforms, it gives you a marketplace with many contents, it is okay for onboarding, it reports what users are doing, and some more services. By this platform you can manage your courses and define user roles.

Docebo is a platform that provides integration items and multiple environments that will save your time. This LMS will help you in onboarding courses and online support for users’ education. It even supports for gamification, language and localization, and customizations. Like other online platforms, it includes notification, sharing, reporting structure for clients, and similar services.

Moodle gives you the ease of education and it is supported by a global community of developers. The LMS would present dynamic programs for the client in order to learn easily. Its collaborative tools and plans are great choices to have reporting services and notify users, personalized dashboard, regular security updates, learner assessment, and several other features.

This online platform is a nice choice for managing and holding online courses. It gives you feedback and progress reports. Litmos is simple and easy for using and will provide necessary features and services for educating online. This LMS similar other ones has the power to customize your courses and reports, and dashboard. Even its gamification and progress tracking will be amusing for clients.

Canvas is the number 10 LMS that helps you in many education services and features. This LMS is also active in various items and would make eLearning fun and memorable. Its high speed, safe, and customizable space makes a collaborative platform for each client. Moreover, Canvas supports external integration with social media like Facebook, Google, canvas mobile apps for Android and also IOS.

In the end, it is crystal clear that users all around the world are able to join a LMS and enhance their skills and knowledge. No matter what kind of services they will receive, the type of eLearning platform and its unique features would define how well they are moving toward their education path. All these aspects will be useful and efficient for a perfect learning.

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