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Support open standards

Laramint is able to support open standards that are free for various purposes like adoption, updates, and implementation. Applying open standards is a free tool for online businesses to have a high and vast value for for their clients and even for themselves. These standards are related to some types of adjustments or updates. They can make some features easy such as data exchange among multiple products and services as well as including vast adoption.

Some factors of open standards are as the following:

1. collaborative process

It describes a process that is market-based and is freely available for all clients and users in the world. Laramint is an open source platform and we are doing our best to have a powerful team of web developers in our business to have a popular and verified system.

2. on-going support

It includes a long-term support and maintenance procedure. Generally, we add a new version to our LMS in an annual period and the LTS Versions are valid up to 3 to 5 years of support.

3. quality and level of detail

This element reveals that open standards give a permission for developing a wide range of implementations in numerous services or products.

4. available publicly

Open standards are cost-effective and globally available to use and implement. When we upload a content or course on our LMS, there is no need to do this process again. Therefore, there is a save of time and cost and energy here.

5. intellectual property rights (IPR)

Open standards contain IPRs and these will implement the standards for the purpose of giving license to every client in the world.

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Laramint view

Similar to other LMS platforms, we take advantage of open standards for the popular and free services and features of our eLearning. But in fact, when it comes to the customized contents or services, we tend to include our marketplace. This is due to the personalized items or features that our client needs.

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