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SMS and Email

SMS and Email aspect is here to help clients to have special and personalized gateways for these two services. In fact, there is a valuable option for organizations or different centers to have a powerful system of sending fast messages to their clients.

Consider a situation in which an organization needs to inform all its staff or employees of various educative purposes. For example, this is so vital in HR onboarding programs in which all staff or members must be alerted or be aware of a detail or a specific subject. Thus, Laramint will help you to have a unique and individual gateway for this reason.

what items are there for you?

  • cost effective: It is clear that by using a gateway for sending SMS and email to many clients that is a save of money and many other side costs. With our online platform, you just spend a little amount of money to have it for yourself
  • fast: Using our SMS and email gateways will ensure a fast and quick delivery for you. By the help of our service, you are able to enjoy a fast delivery
  • reliable: It is totally safe to use our gateway to send your messages. The reliability of our service is verified and you can easily enjoy a perfect service
  • unlimited platform: Our platform makes a condition for everyone to send large amounts of SMS and email messages
  • integration: The unity and integrity of our delivery system is really important for us and this is done through our delivery gateway
  • customizable: Laramint is ready to define some special gateways for message delivery. This is based on what you desire and the range of delivery and the type of service. So it is available for our clients to make use of templates and some other similar items
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