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Security updates

We are using Laravel framework and by each of its security updates will be performed in our LMS automatically. Let’s say that Laravel will guarantee a space in which you can use everything with high security. Accordingly, our LMS will have this security credit and you are safe in our website. Every activity from clients’ enrollment to some other things like your courses and contents are under our security observation.

what is a security patch?

A security patch is a new version of update that a software developer makes and releases it for a better performance of any kind of program, application, or online platform. These patches are really vital for everything and they work as a monitoring system for you. When we install a security patch, hackers and spams will have less access to security holes and clients have a safe experience. So it is very important to have a regular update of security patches. As a fact, a security patch is there for you to have a secure system and ensure a safe usage of your application or platform.

Why security updates are important?

First of all, in the process of security updates, our regular security patches will make a safe area our users. With these patches, there are improvement in protection of our features and services. Also, security performance is better and some bugs will be removed. So our platform will be less fragile and vulnerable to malwares. Another feature that shows why security updates are necessary is that every patch is able to make your system or platform more powerful. In this point, an update will empower your system to scan for security holes and identify the possible threats. In other words, there is a constant scanning of your system and clients would have a free mind to do their activities without any problems or obsessions.

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