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Rubric and outcome​

Rubric refers to a set of rules or guidelines that show the progress level of a learner. These rules will contain various types and conditions for assessment. As Brookhart says: “…coherent set of criteria for students’ work that includes descriptions of levels of performance quality on the criteria” (Brookhart, 2013).

what are the benefits for mentors?

A mentor is able to to see his learner’s progress by the help of this set of rubric. It defines a feedback for mentors that is meaningful and objective such as:

  • making a fixed range of grading
  • reducing the time for grading
  • making less worries and uncertainties for grading
  • presenting extra resources for mentors to work on the learner’s weak points

what are the benefits for learners?

Rubric is available for assignments, projects, papers, etc. and gives a result that is meaningful and objective. So there are some benefits for learners:

  • improving performance by the help of feedbacks
  • assessing the education progress
  • making clear what the mentors wants from a learner
  • making learners aware of the assignments and activities

In addition, rubric has the aim to prepare a highly effective result for learner’s education. Indeed, three features are known for it. The first one is evaluative criteria that focuses on learner’s activity and gives evaluation on it. The second features is quality definitions that talks about details and descriptions about how a learner is doing well. The last one is called scoring strategy which converts the whole evaluation of a learner into a grade for giving a judgement.

As a matter of fact, Laramint has the ability to provide a helpful rubric that can easily result in a valuable outcome. This is valuable for both mentors and learners and will give them necessary tips and ideas to be more active and move in a proper path.

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