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Reporting is an exciting and important feature that every business needs to be aware of how well it is running and what exactly happens. Surely, our LMS is focusing on presenting detalied reports and let others know about different activities or items. For example, clients are able to know their education progress or some other activities such as financial reports are available for you.

Here we have some benefits of a reporting procedure:

  • Clarity: A good report must be clear enough to show everything that is necessary and make no vague point for our client. We would grant you clarity in all our reports to bring you in the correct path of activity.
  • Having a positive view: In fact, the reporting system of Laramint chooses the best points to express. It will make a positive view for the client to understand what is happening in a selected item or section.
  • Simple tone: Beside the clarity of a report, it is vital to be understandable and make a simple tone for the user. When a user get the simple and clear data from our report, it is easy for him to follow other items and continue his process wisely.
  • It is accurate: Our LMS will give you lots of reports that are to the point. When you have an accurate analysis of what is happening inside your business, you can select the items which are in your priority. This is one of the best features in a reporting process.
  • To have a logical order: All our reports in Laramint are in a logical order. That means, we will put you in a logical sequence via our reporting procedure. So it is easy and clear to know what you are doing and you can choose the next step by analyzing your report.
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