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Pros and cons of eLearning

It seems that it is important for everyone to be familiar with pros and cons of eLearning and consider all its aspects to know more of it. As we discussed the challenges and issues related to the start point of COVID-19 in this post, many people were doubtful what to do and how to learn. Actually it was unusual for those who had a habit of a face to face class for moving to an online learning situation. In this article, we tend to talk about advantages and disadvantages of eLearning and what really happens in it but first let’s have a review on the traditional type of learning.

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Since past centuries, learners and mentors have had the experience of face to face classes. By the passage of time and introduction of new technological equipment or facility, people had a gradual improvement to learn in a modern and developed way. For a normal student who joined a face to face class, it was not simple to decide about going to an eLearning condition.

Advantages of face to face classes

  • a real physical relationship with peers
  • role play with others in a class
  • physical pair work or group work
  • real presence of mentor in class
  • face to face discussions or activities
  • being able to use and touch learning tools
  • hand in assignment or homework
  • have a physical competition with others
  • make a direct eye contact and impact on each other

Disadvantages of face to face learning

Similar to every subject and field of interest, a face to face class had some disadvantages. Among the cons of this type of education, we can mention these as the cons of traditional kind of classrooms:

  • different expenses such as high fare for commuting to the class, and similar ones
  • an inflexible schedule of courses due to a fixed timing
  • mentors may not have enough time to answer every learner and give them feedback
  • maybe it is hard for some learners to get up early for a morning class

By the rapid improvement of technology in the world, online education or LMS platforms have been popular in the recent years. we can define eLearning as an online education system which uses electronic features and resources in order to transfer skills or knowledge globally. It is vital to teach people and motivate them to join online courses because of various reasons and having fun with various features of these unique learning spaces.

Advantages of eLearning

There is no limitation for a learner to have a fixed time or schedule in eLearning situation. Learners are free to have a flexible classes or sessions and this is so helpful for them in choosing the best time to study and learn. Also, learners are able to set their desired time with a certain course and achieve their educational goals easier and better.

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Online classes are the best choice for the learners who have the problem of commuting a long distance to their location of education center. When you start your eLearning procedure, it is not important where you are or how long you will be on the way to be on time for your class. So you can enjoy a convenient condition in which there is no problem for being in class. All you need is a laptop, a PC, or a smartphone and a connection to the Internet.

Make sure that when you enter the world of eLearning, you have so many topics and subjects to learn. In this case, you will find yourself in an ocean of learning chances and you are free to start what you desire. These opportunities are just accessible via your laptop or smartphone an any place you like. No matter how you thought in the past or what dreams you couldn’t fulfill, you won’t be waiting anymore to have them and make a progress in your life.

Learners will have a great deal of features and services when they study online. Learners can have online quizzes and they will receive feedbacks and progress analysis from their mentor. On the mentors’ side, it is possible for them to observe their total progress during each session and try to improve their learning process by assigning multiple learning items and resources. Furthermore, it is a valuable opportunity for mentors to handle many courses and learners at the same time in comparison to a face to face education system. Still to say, there is a perfect chance for mentors to make their own learning contents or courses based on their learners’ need and even it is available for learners to download the contents and review them as much as they like.

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Disadvantages of eLearning

It is obvious that because we are living in the world of technology, we should update our information and knowledge about different subjects, especially those which are necessary in our field of profession. Mentors are among the people who need to have a dominance on different things that are related to teaching and even using several tools or facility in education. Of course this is not a problematic issue for mentors and they only need to assign some hours to learn these tips.

Like every other technological device or service, learners or mentors may face with some possible technical issues such as loss of the Internet connection, or a few similar things. Actually, this is not known as a negative point in eLearning because this happens to any other internet-based applications or platforms.

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