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This part is related to the progress of a learner’s education and the range of his activity. This feature will enable a mentor to observe what his learner is doing. And then decide on the activities or lessons to assign for his learner.

When we consider the progress of a learner in any course or term, there may be some questions in our mind about it.

Why progress is important for us?

Indeed, the role of progress cannot be trivial and when we present this option for our clients, it shows that we put a special focus on the quality of learners’ education. This view will generate two important factors in the mind of a user in Laramint platform.

First, the learner know that there is a person who is careful about his learning process. This person might be the admin or a mentor. But the point is that it gives a credit to the learner about his importance in our LMS and he will understand that he is not left there for himself. The second factor is related to the mentor and his look toward an effective way of learning for his learner(s). When he knows what his learner is doing during his courses and even in his learning procedure as a whole, it is easier for him to do the actions that are important for his learner.

How a mentor can take benefit of this feature?

It will make the chance for a mentor to observe the education progress of his learner and by this point of view, he can identify different matters. These include being aware of possible or potential chances to make a solution. Also, perhaps there are some strategies that a mentor can apply for his learner’s education. What’s more, a mentor is free to do some other activities like rating his learner’s progress, get the help of the magic box in order to minimize and overcome his learner’s weakness, and set some goals and targets which are more realistic and more positive.

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