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In this part, Laramint is active for generating several notifications and messages. These are related to various tasks and activities in our LMS. By this service, each of your activities are under control and clients know what are they doing and where are they moving in their path. We propose a vast procedure for this purpose and it has three main parts in our platform.

system alert

In this part, there are several templates for some types of people to notify others. Firstly we have the super admin in our platform whos is able to send a message to every client of Laramint. It means this person is in charge of alerting all the clients of our platform and has a wide range of control and dominance on everyone. The second person to send a message is the supervisor of Laramint. He can notify the mentors and learners who are active in our business. Depending on the type of activity, the supervisor is free to choose the needed alert and inform others of any possible situation. The last type of people here to mention, are mentors. Mentors are okay to send messages and notifications to their learners. This is done through the favorable type of alert that the mentor decides to send to his learner. Finally, all these messages are essential for a LMS system in order to keep itself alive, active, and dynamic and make a better place for everyone to be aware of what they are doing.


When a client (especially a learner) needs to ask for something, he will need this service. This is available for the learner to pose his question or have his question by choosing a ticket. Here the learner can notify his mentor or the supervisor of the LMS and should wait to get his answer. The interaction in this type of messaging service is the key to have a mutual relationship between learners, mentors, and the supervisor of Laramint.

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Notifying by emails and SMS

At this part, it is a default option in our platform that SMS and email notification will take place for anyone. Based on the algorithms of Laramint, our system will send the type of notifying to the client. It is also included in our LMS to receive SMS and email notifications.

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