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When Laramint presents notification, it will have a priority for every client in a way that make them aware of various alerts or messages. In this feature, our platform will show you what is happening in your different activities. It would notify everyone about the type of actions that are necessary to do. When this feature happens in our LMS, it will bring some advantages:

  • Making clients aware of their actions: This is very important to let everyone know where they are and what is happening to their activities or progress
  • reminding some specific course times: There are some items such as: notifying the start of the course, the finish of the course, the registration period, the payment alert, and similar items.
  • Notify about learners’ matters: It is amazing to know that Laramint will notify learners and mentors on some issues. These are useful to observe. and in this case, some positive actions happen. Firstly, If the learner is not working well in his course or he is not paying attention to something like his homework, our platform will notify him and his mentor. It will make the learner will be alert about his lack of attention to an important item. And gives him a chance to do what was forgotten by him. Even the system sends a similar notification to his mentor and lets him know what is going on. So the mentor is able to understand what his learner is doing and be more careful about his actions. Secondly, the progress of education
  • Certificate is ready:
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