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It is really essential and important for Laramint to include and support multilanguage feature. Although English is known for all the people as the international language, being multilingual shows our tendency to welcome international clients. It also makes our business accessible for everyone and you can easily choose your own language and enjoy your education process.

There are some benefits related to the multilingual feature of our LMS:

a. available to everybody

By having this item, every person from all over the world is okay to use our platform easily. according to some statistics, around 3.4 billion people in the world do not use English and are from non-English countries. As a result, this service is a perfect opportunity for them to join our LMS and start their learning.

b. increase the SEO of website

While our website supports different languages, it is obvious that multiple search engines in the world will adopt it. This is really fruitful for us and it will end in the increase of our website SEO and have a great rank among other similar businesses.

c. translation of the website is cost-effective

Assigning a feature to translate our website will certainly be cost-effective. Because there is no need to allocate costs for this purpose and we can have our LMS in different languages for every user.

d. expand the market

When we are known and available for all the people in the world, our market will automatically increase globally. In fact, a translated website puts us in an international market position and we will experience new targets audience quickly and increasingly.

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e. build more trust

By a multilanguage service, Laramint is a creditable platform for education and people of the world are okay to use it. So it would make a trust and credit around the globe and day by day there are many clients joining us and sharing us with others.

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