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Marketplace is a specific part for every mentor to create their contents and let the others take advantage of them. When a company or organization or even an education center decides to have a course, the mentors need a place to promote their lessons and contents. By the help of Laramint market, it is so easy and accessible for them to upload any type of course for all the people who need to use.

Why a marketplace is necessary?

It is clear that a mentor needs to share his lessons and education materials with his learners or many other users around the globe. So this feature is going to make it okay for a mentor to do this valuable action and then have many more advantages because of it.

How can clients get use of it?

For sure, it is a nice and applicable option for a client such as organization or an education center to access and have many courses or items for his learning procedure. When a client enters our marketplace, he is free to choose what he wants and then buy them. Due to our open source platform, you can find limitless number of courses from many different mentors in the world.

Is there any limitation in contents?

As we said above, there is no limitation in the number of contents and there are numerous items and courses for everyone. In this case, it is available for a client to receive multiple items including courses, plugins, and similar items. This positive point has some benefits. Number one is the variety of choices for a user to select his favorite and special courses. After that, it is for mentors who are able to join our market and upload their contents and courses for others. Then it is applicable for mentors to share their designed plugin or course with his learners or other mentors who like to apply in their classes.

Can mentors take advantage of marketplace?

The answer is a big YES. Laramint welcomes mentors to join the marketplace and have different benefits. The first one is that they will share their contents worldwide. When the contents are there in our market, millions of users have the access to anything they want. This exciting aspect helps mentors to change into a well-known one day by day and increase his range of activity. Secondly, by the process of selling contents, there will be financial benefits for mentors and this would motivate them more and more.

Join our marketplace now!

We invite every mentor, designer, developer, or many other more people to join our market. There is a brilliant opportunity for you to upload any content you desire and share it with others. Via this specific tool, you are able to have your personal panel and let other professions join your panel and buy the contents and courses. So don’t hesitate!