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Magic box

The magic box in Laramint is describing a list of sessions that are ready for a mentor for the purpose of making the road map of his learner. It is also available for mentors to make and upload the items (or better to say the sessions) and use them whenever they need them in their learner’s education process. By this idea, we enable mentors to choose their specific lessons according to the need of their learner and make sure they have a good source for this goal.

why we need a magic box?

Let’s look at it in this way. When a learner is moving in his education path, sometimes he needs to have some upgrades or also to get some extra material. These material exist in the magic box and mentors will easily apply them whenever they need them. The material are in the form of sessions and they are free to choose.

Are the lessons in this box available for everyone?

To answer this question, we should say it depends on the role of the client on Laramint. Certainly, our super admin has the main role and is able to use lessons of the magic box for a special learner. Then a mentor has the ability to select a type of lesson that fits his learner’s need for making his roadmap fruitful and effective. Finally, if the magic box is a public one, it is okay for a learner to make use of its lessons and decide what is necessary for his learning.

In the end, it is obvious that the role of a magic box is distinct and efficient at the time that a learner finds himself in a suitable way of education. In addition, a mentor must be alert about his learner activity and have the best choices among the multiple number of lessons in our magic box. When this happens, we will give assurance to anyone who uses our LMS and it will cause a memorable experience for our clients.

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