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Is homework important?

Why is homework important? Because it has a determinant role in learner’s life. It is a vital task for any kind of classes even for online. It includes many benefits and positive results which we like to tell you in this article.

Below is a quick review of what you will learn in this post:

We all have had the habit of doing a complementary task during our study time. Its importance was clear for learning better and it is not something ignorable. Based on a meta-analysis of Harris Cooper, a Duke University professor of psychology and neuroscience and an expert on homework: “Homework is the most complex teaching strategy used in schools. Parents of older children worry that homework is causing their kids too much stress. Parents of younger children worry that it is ineffective and leaves little time for play” He believes that students must have extra practice after they class and his study showed a nice fact. It is better for learners to have a certain amount of assignment every day. This makes them prepared for class lessons and reminds him of many items of his study.

Another research at Indiana University found that homework in math and science lessons are effective. Because learners are able to improve their grades at tests. Doing homework is a tool to empower learners on being familiar with types of test questions. Also, the department of education in the UK proved an interesting idea. If learners spend a fixed time for doing homework, they will see a boost in their education level.

What are the benefits?

Remember that knowing the value of homework will raise efficiency and productivity. In other words, the significance of any extra activity after a lesson or class is known to all.

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By the time learners have a daily activity to practice what they had in their class, it will force them to plan for it. Having a plan for a routine task will put learners in a scheduled path. And makes a repeated habit for them in order to study and learn more. So time management is the first benefit in this regard.

We can discuss it from two sides. On one hand, mentors and learners have a suitable option to make sure that there is a practice and a repetition of what they learned in class. Maybe sometimes it is not available to have all learners involved in class activity. But by assigning extra activities for learners to do, this negative point is removed. This may happen due to a high number of learners in a class or having a difficult and time-taking lesson. Thus, mentors give their students several assignments for compensating this lack.

On the other hand, the class lessons or learning items are repeated by doing extra exercise. Of course it depends on the mentors creativity. The type of homework and its length is related to the mentor’s analysis and learners’ need. The notable factor is that this activity has the ability to put learners in a repeated trend of classroom lessons.

As it is obvious, when extra tasks are done after a class, the time of learning will be more. The more we put learners in a learning procedure, the better educational results we will face. In fact, we should think about specific ways which won’t make learners bored or discouraged. What’s more, more time for learning at home, would provide a deeper understanding of the lessons they had in the classroom. And it gives learners a better focus on the items they have learned and challenge with those that were difficult to know.

The need to assign a special time for doing homework, makes other people involved in learning. This idea is an interesting fact in which a communication is built. For example, when a learner starts doing an extra task or a piece of assignment, he may need the help of parents or sometimes his mentor. In this case, a communication is made in the learning process and its members are working together. Although it will not happen all the time, it is possible for a learner to ask for others’ help to learn well.

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Mentors must consider various several innovative items and forms for a task to be more appealing for their learners. This is fortunately easy by using lots of methods and features for this goal. In addition, Laramint strongly recommends you to study the article about gamification that gives a broad knowledge of what you can do for eLearning. Creativity guarantees an amusing and wonderful learning experience for everyone in education field.

It is totally evident that homework is a critical part of education. But we shouldn’t forget the possible negative issues of it. Mentors must be really careful to design some tasks which are fascinating for learners. This can be done by limiting the number of assignments or homework, for instance. Mentors are in charge of creating this and finally getting great outcomes in the learning path of their learners.

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