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Individual site design

Laramint makes it available for any company, organization, or education center to have their own site. This individual site design is a personalized area and is mainly free for the aim of education. The items and contents are chosen based on the mentor’s needs. So it is really nice to enjoy this feature on our LMS and make your site as you wish.

For a business to succeed, it is necessary to be supportive and demanding for the needs of clients. So we are here to help you design what you prefer on the site for holding your courses and classes. It is useful and productive for companies and education centers to have their own space for education. Let’s take a look at some of its features:

1. It is available for everyone

A company or other businesses will possess an individual education area on Laramint. It helps them to put their own contents and make it accessible for all of their clients or staff. In this case, every client who joins their classes, will easily get what he wants. Even a mentor is able to allow his learners access to his desired contents.

2. Easy to find

When our LMS provides an individual site design, this is helpful for both mentors and learners to search for what they like among the listed contents. By this aspect, there is no need to waste your time looking for a special subject or lesson. But you would find anything you need in just a few clicks.

3. No need to worry about errors

It is a commitment of Laramint to specify a unique site to its clients which makes education enjoyable and faces less problems or errors. By this, we intend to have a website with less bugs and provide an easy and memorable education process for every client who is using his own space.

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4. quick loading

Nothing can kill the passion of learners and mentors in online education, unless long loading of a website. in your individual site design, Laramint will make a great chance for you to get rid of this annoying problem. So be sure you are in the right way to run your own site.

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