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How to win learners’ heart?

It is a fact for mentors to have the power to win learners’ heart and to make a stable position in their mind to be lovely among them. It may seem not important for normal people out of education if a mentor has a suitable and kind character for his learner, but actually from the psychological point of view and from the educational aspect, this is really vital. This means that a mentor has a direct impact on his learner and his character and actions are under the focus of the learner.

So by this matter, mentors must be careful what they do in their education and they must think about the results of their activities and behaviors about their learners. There is no difference in to be in an eLearning condition or a normal classroom, you should know that a strong relationship between learners and mentors. This is necessary to keep learners motivated and engaged in education. It gives learners a good feeling to be in the learning situation and follow the class better and well.

The golden tips you need to know for being popular among your learners:

When you as a mentor are enthusiastic, it will automatically affect your learners and they are motivated to follow your orders and tips in learning. We can say that enthusiasm is nice for everyone and it is contagious among your learners. So don’t be mean to show your passion and enthusiastic aspects because it will create love of learning. And make sure you have a big important step in the way to be lovely among learners.

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Learners in any age, will join more activities when they see their mentor has an active role in them. This is a great way to help your learners be more ready to do what you want and show themselves more in class. Mentors can form a reciprocal relationship with their learners and earn their interest. If mentors want to do a nice job, this tip is really great for them.

This does not mean to be at the service of your learners or have all your time for them. Indeed, when you as a mentor start to teach somebody something, you are responsible for him. Your learner must feel that you are supporting him and he is okay to have you in time of problems. In this case, you can easily manage your time and make a plan for each of them. Surely your learner will be happy and interested in following you more and more.

We as human beings, need to listen to each other and then try to find a solution and help. In education, this is more tangible. When learners have a problem in their lessons, the mentor is there; ready to help. If this happens correctly, your learner’s mind is free and will have a relaxing status. Your are the person who can help your learners the best and show them you are aware of them. So be responsive all the time and answer their questions with a full attention and care.

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You are a mentor but consider yourself in the place of a learner. A learner has the right to choose a good and educated mentor. It is a vital factor for learners to learn perfectly and in the best way. Therefor, mentors must be educated enough and update their knowledge all the time. All mentors love a knowledgeable mentor as a complete source of learning. By a daily routine for studying and being aware of the new events and information, you are able to be in your learners’ mind and heart.

teaching is a challenging activity and if you don’t know some special techniques, you will be in trouble. One of these is related to fun and amusement in education. There happens that many lessons or subjects are difficult and boring for learners. But by making some fun activities, you make learning amusing and entertaining for your learners. Laramint gamification feature would help you a lot for this goal.

Every individual likes to share his own idea in a topic or a gathering such as a meeting, class, etc. Mentors will promote lovely attitudes by listening to what their learners opinions. This is a precious factor in the way to let learners express their ideas and engage them in the current discussion in class. Believe it or not, learners feel so high in the sky when you ask them what they think. The result would be an interactive communication in the learning process and makes a respectful and lovely atmosphere in your class.

Note that you as a teacher are always a model for your learners in every aspect of life. So do your best to be a good one because they make a fixed image of you in their mind. Be consistent in your discipline and some other policies like grading, treating, and so on. Have a schedule and plan for your classroom activities and follow a good basis. Learners will adapt themselves to your strategy and your consistency is so bold for them.

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