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From face to face to online

When COVID-19 started in the world, all education centers had to move from face to face to online training. This fact made a global unpredicted environment that mentors and learners didn’t think of. Although there were many online courses before coronavirus pandemic, this disaster forced all the people around the work to move to online education.

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Were there any challenges?

It is obvious that at the beginning of this worldwide disaster, not every person and every country had enough equipment and facility to start online training. But after a while, there were more and more people who started to adapt themselves to the new situation. Some of the main challenges that were common for mentors and learners included:

  • learning how to use new technologies in a short period of time
  • preparing a suitable place or environment for online classes
  • designing special materials for education
  • adapting to new techniques and methods of teaching

In addition to the above issues, many education centers held courses to train mentors about new related teaching methods and preparing them to enter the virtual world of online courses.

It wasn’t easy for employees and students to cope with the fast movement from a face to face condition to an online education program and it made everyone tired and impatient. It was very hard to have a sudden change in the normal education system and it wasn’t easy for all learners to make use of modern equipment, especially in countries with less experience of technology. Even though little by little people learned to make a habit of the new situation and started to find out what is going on.

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Another big challenge was that mentors had to think about their learners’ demands in education and they must have made so many contents and courses for this purpose. Not only it was a big deal to consider all the needs of learners, but it was not clear for them what would happen at the end of the course for a good result in learning.

Apart from being unsure that what happened at the course end, it was challenging for mentors to persuade learners join an online class and tell that they it is okay for them to learn everything as a normal face to face class. We cannot say that learners were thinking right or not at that time, but they got used to be in a normal condition of learning at schools or universities. So it was okay if they were worried about their new and unclear type of education.

It is true that every education center has a policy for its education method. Actually, Coronavirus pandemic changed the style of learning and ideas of people. The results of different studies showed that a large number of people prefer online courses. The impacts of eLearning have been so effective that make no doubts about our selection. Learners should put away the limitation of place and time for face to face classes. When they enter online classes, they have multiple advantages and benefits. Read all of them here.

Many researches have proved that online learning is full of unbelievable results for anyone who is involved. In comparison to face to face condition, eLearning doesn’t need a specific number of learners in a classroom. Even one person is able to start his own class and enjoy different learning features and services on his online platform. Another negative point in a face to face situation was the limitation of sources and education items. We may have limited items for education inside a class whereas online platforms provide numerous features and services for learners and mentors.

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You may be surprised to know that various studies have claimed that online courses improve learners’ productivity. Apart from this fact, online learners have more control and dominance on their advancement in education. This is done through many effective tools and innovative items in LMS Platforms. Rubrics is one of Laramint’s features which tells learners how well they are moving on. If we want to think about another difference, we will mention the global access of eLearning atmosphere. In this case, learners and mentors are located in a global world of communication. They are free to take advantage of unlimited sources and topics in education.

As we discussed several elements related to face to face and online courses, this is you to make your decision. Indeed, it is crystal clear that online classes include many options for you that you have no doubts to select your class type. In addition, make sure you have the right LMS for stepping into eLearning path. Think about everything and be sure what you are doing for your education.

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