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Our platform has a great place called forum for leaners in which they are able to discuss with their peers. This Forum makes an interactive atmosphere for every learner to follow what he desires in education. In fact, based on the learners’ road maps we have made this space and it is categorized and specified for them.

forum merits

  • competing with others: It is a perfect chance to discuss and interact and then compete with other learners. It helps to make a relationship with other peers and know them well. For example, when they have some questions or problems, they try to answer each other and for sure a competition happens among them to have the answers of those who are weaker in education and show themselves more to others.
  • reviewing learning items: When a learner joins a forum, it is a unique place to share and review what he has not covered in the exam session. Also, because learners are categorized according to their road map and join their own special forum, they can review several weak points and items with others.
  • learn from others: Being in a forum, plays an important role for a learner to have many educative tips and ideas from his peers. This is a worthy thing to have in the education process and would make learning tips more efficient.
  • the best choice for mentors: Not only learners can benefit from it, but mentors may not have enough time to answer all questions of learners. In this case, this place makes mentors’ tasks really easy and leaners are free to ask each other what they do not know.
  • encourage collaboration: By making a competitive place for learners, it will be a wonderful likelihood to have collaboration and interaction for each one. That means learners do their best to be more active, be more hardworking, and be more helpful for their peers.
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