Laramint is an open source LMS platform which allows clients to have their own place freely and enjoy their learning without any limitation of time and place.

General Features


View the general progress development of the learner in order to be aware of his development.

We include alert and message center to send messages in individual and group services.

sms and email

Enjoy SMS and Email gateways which are customizable based on your needs. 


Make a place for mentors or education centers  to create their own content or course and share it with other clients to gain financial benefits.


Have fun while learning and keep away from the boredom of education and get better results.

Administrative Features

open standards

Import and export of courses, assessment items, user progress, etc.

Organizations and education centers are free to make their own design for their type of courses.


Present an overall report related to learners’ activity, financial aspects, and other items.


Choose your language from a list of world languages to have an easy application of the platform.

security updates

Our security consists of Laravel security features as well as our regular updates of security patches. 

Course Development and Management Features

You are free to use numerous audio and video archive plus more access to video embedded contents such as YouTube. 


Laramint offers a magic box that makes mentors able to have any content or course for his learner. 

A customizable feature for each learner and knowing what he needs to learn wisely and his needs in learning.

security and privacy

Every client is secured and supported by our platform and has its own privacy of activity and information.

Our forum is based on the clients road map and is a categorized place for leaners to discuss what is needed for them.


A set of guidelines to tell a mentor how a learner is doing that helps to evaluate his progress.