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Our platform has a great place called forum for leaners in which they are able to discuss with their peers. This Forum makes an interactive atmosphere for every learner to follow what he desires in education. In fact, based on the learners’ road maps we… Read More »Forum

road map

Road map

As it is called, a road map or a learning path is series of related activities which involve many activities. These are at the service of training and making education less difficult. In this feature, that is customizable, we tell a learner his needs to… Read More »Road map


Rubric and outcome​

Rubric refers to a set of rules or guidelines that show the progress level of a learner. These rules will contain various types and conditions for assessment. As Brookhart says: “…coherent set of criteria for students’ work that includes descriptions of levels of performance quality… Read More »Rubric and outcome​

sms and email

SMS and Email

SMS and Email aspect is here to help clients to have special and personalized gateways for these two services. In fact, there is a valuable option for organizations or different centers to have a powerful system of sending fast messages to their clients. Consider a… Read More »SMS and Email



In this part, Laramint is active for generating several notifications and messages. These are related to various tasks and activities in our LMS. By this service, each of your activities are under control and clients know what are they doing and where are they moving… Read More »Notifications



Games are pleasurable and entertaining for every person. Gamification is an inevitable element in our LMS and it will bring many entertaining items for you that will make learning so fun. It clearly needs numerous planning, research and resources to make it a proper feature… Read More »Gamification



This is a precious space for our clients including companies, mentors, organizations, or even education centers. Marketplace is free for every mentor to make his own contents, courses, etc. and to share them with his learners or other people. You should know that this feature… Read More »Marketplace


Track progress

For every eLearning platform or any other online education system, it is necessary to give a report on various issues related to learners’ activity. Laramint has this ability for making clients be aware of what the learner is doing and his development during the given… Read More »Track progress

why Laramint?

Why Laramint?

In the world of eLearning platforms, there has been always a competitive view that will make each different and special. Laramint is going to make a revolutionary insight and offer you unique features. We believe to make a different experience for you in education. This… Read More »Why Laramint?