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This is the part about different items and subjects that mentors need to know



When Laramint presents notification, it will have a priority for every client in a way that make them aware of various alerts or messages. In this feature, our platform will show you what is happening in your different activities. It would notify everyone about the… Read More »Notification



This part is related to the progress of a learner’s education and the range of his activity. This feature will enable a mentor to observe what his learner is doing. And then decide on the activities or lessons to assign for his learner. When we… Read More »Progress

magic box

Magic box

The magic box in Laramint is describing a list of sessions that are ready for a mentor for the purpose of making the road map of his learner. It is also available for mentors to make and upload the items (or better to say the… Read More »Magic box

road maps

Road maps

Road maps are necessary in the field of education and they tell learner how well he is moving toward his objective. By this idea, the learner will face a new feature for having a less difficult learning process because he knows what to do. By… Read More »Road maps