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Course Development and Management Features

Here we have some features about course development and management


Security and privacy

When it comes to security and privacy of an eLearning platform, it becomes vital for every person to be sure of a secured place. Surely it is so important for a client how safe the atmosphere is and to what extent he has privacy. Laramint… Read More »Security and privacy


Multimedia module​

One of the distinct items of eLearning platform is the multimedia module. This is so critical because it presents communication, cooperation, and collaboration for learning process of clients. It contains numerous items and topics of education and will satisfy all needs of learners. Laramint is… Read More »Multimedia module​


Individual assessment​

Individual assessment means the mentor’s attempt to make an evaluation for every learner. This process is necessary when a learner needs careful attention of the mentor although it is difficult for a mentor to have time for each of his learners. what happens in this… Read More »Individual assessment​



Our platform has a great place called forum for leaners in which they are able to discuss with their peers. This Forum makes an interactive atmosphere for every learner to follow what he desires in education. In fact, based on the learners’ road maps we… Read More »Forum

road map

Road map

As it is called, a road map or a learning path is series of related activities which involve many activities. These are at the service of training and making education less difficult. In this feature, that is customizable, we tell a learner his needs to… Read More »Road map


Rubric and outcome​

Rubric refers to a set of rules or guidelines that show the progress level of a learner. These rules will contain various types and conditions for assessment. As Brookhart says: “…coherent set of criteria for students’ work that includes descriptions of levels of performance quality… Read More »Rubric and outcome​