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This part is assigned to developers who intend to join our LMS and have a participation to make their own attempts



This is a vital issue to pay attention to security of LMS platforms. Our main focus is on providing a safe place for our users in order to ensure that everyone has a privacy for his information and activity on Laramint.



There are some types of templates that Laravel uses for different purposes. Our LMS uses Blade Template because it is a dominant and special one and we are able to make use of its distinct features.



As we are working via Laravel framework, we use its procedures and principles about plugins. Of course we have our own plugins and we enable clients to install and apply them in a way that they will add various features and options for a better… Read More »Plugins

life cycle

Life cycle

We are using Laravel life cycle and obviously our life cycle is dependent on it. Laravel makes an initial step of application and then the kernel that describes the core of it. So the input request of application will address the HTTP kernel or the… Read More »Life cycle