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why Laramint?

Why Laramint?

In the world of eLearning platforms, there has been always a competitive view that will make each different and special. Laramint is going to make a revolutionary insight and offer you unique features. We believe to make a different experience for you in education. This… Read More »Why Laramint?

How gamification helps you to learn better?

How gamification helps you?

We will tell you how gamification helps you in learning better. It is a useful feature for any education platform. First let’s know what it is and then what the top benefits are. Gamification is the theory of combining education with game elements to make… Read More »How gamification helps you?

Advantages and disadvantages of final exams

Final exam: YES or NO?

I didn’t fail the test. I just found 100 ways to do it wrong.”’ – Benjamin Franklin A final exam is a big test after finishing a course or a class. This is a testing item to check the items he has learned. This exam… Read More »Final exam: YES or NO?

What is rubric?

What is rubric?

In the field of online education platforms, there are many tools and elements that help us know how well we are doing. One of these evaluative tools is rubric. Rubric is a set of guidelines to assess what a learner is doing and how well… Read More »What is rubric?