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As the name suggests, this section is related to the sessions and all the required activities in order to control and observe them.

manage terms

Manage terms

Manage terms enables mentors to have an overall managing view on the terms that they hold and do several related activities.

manage courses

Manage courses

In this part, you are able to have a control on your education courses and handle them in a way that you prefer.



Departments refer to the highest level of possible categories. It may include the different departments of an education center like English, French, German, etc. NB: This post is under development

security updates

Security updates

We are using Laravel framework and by each of its security updates will be performed in our LMS automatically. Let’s say that Laravel will guarantee a space in which you can use everything with high security. Accordingly, our LMS will have this security credit and… Read More »Security updates



Reporting is an exciting and important feature that every business needs to be aware of how well it is running and what exactly happens. Surely, our LMS is focusing on presenting detalied reports and let others know about different activities or items. For example, clients… Read More »Reporting

individual design

Individual site design

Laramint makes it available for any company, organization, or education center to have their own site. This individual site design is a personalized area and is mainly free for the aim of education. The items and contents are chosen based on the mentor’s needs. So… Read More »Individual site design


It is really essential and important for Laramint to include and support multilanguage feature. Although English is known for all the people as the international language, being multilingual shows our tendency to welcome international clients. It also makes our business accessible for everyone and you… Read More »Multilanguage

open standards

Support open standards

Laramint is able to support open standards that are free for various purposes like adoption, updates, and implementation. Applying open standards is a free tool for online businesses to have a high and vast value for for their clients and even for themselves. These standards… Read More »Support open standards


Security and privacy

When it comes to security and privacy of an eLearning platform, it becomes vital for every person to be sure of a secured place. Surely it is so important for a client how safe the atmosphere is and to what extent he has privacy. Laramint… Read More »Security and privacy