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more interactive elearning

More interactive eLearning

If you want to have more interactive eLearning in your courses or classes, there are some points to follow. At first, we should know what is an interactive learning. Then it is great to understand which elements are important for it. Here is the list… Read More »More interactive eLearning

Is homework important?

Is homework important?

Why is homework important? Because it has a determinant role in learner’s life. It is a vital task for any kind of classes even for online. It includes many benefits and positive results which we like to tell you in this article. Below is a… Read More »Is homework important?

Choose the right LMS

Choose the right LMS

Do you know how to choose the right LMS or which elements are important to have the best choice? We strongly suggest you to read this post. We are living in a modern world and technology is growing fast. Online education plays a vital role… Read More »Choose the right LMS

pros and cons of elearning

Pros and cons of eLearning

It seems that it is important for everyone to be familiar with pros and cons of eLearning and consider all its aspects to know more of it. As we discussed the challenges and issues related to the start point of COVID-19 in this post, many… Read More »Pros and cons of eLearning

from face to face to online

From face to face to online

When COVID-19 started in the world, all education centers had to move from face to face to online training. This fact made a global unpredicted environment that mentors and learners didn’t think of. Although there were many online courses before coronavirus pandemic, this disaster forced… Read More »From face to face to online

the importance of education

The importance of education

It is a fact that every person is aware of the importance of education and we cannot deny it. Since past centuries, people were always trying to learn different subjects and mentors were so active in this regard. The importance of education is visible in… Read More »The importance of education

7 types of learners

7 types of learning styles

As a fact, there are mainly 7 types of learning styles in the education procedure that result in different methods of learning. Maybe many people have the idea that there are more styles of learning. But surely they are moving away from the spectrum of… Read More »7 types of learning styles

• The purpose of education in the 21st century

Education in the 21st century

“I never let schooling interfere with my education.” – Mark Twain These days the purpose of education in the 21st century has changed into a new concept. And we have to accept that it is quite different from what we believed. In the new type… Read More »Education in the 21st century