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Best applicable tools for mentors

In this post, we tend to discuss about the best applicable free tools for mentors. When we enter the world of education, there are always several tools and additional options that help a mentor do well in teaching. There are always different types of tools and practices for making a specific education process by mentors and these useful tools will empower both mentors and learners.

As a fact, by considering the digital world and spreading eLearning worldwide, the importance of tools for teaching in a more efficient way is on the focus of attention. Mentors must be on the trend of using new and applicable ideas to present a perfect job. Online tools are wonderful resources for a mentor to choose for his course. And they help the mentor make right choices that are suitable for his purpose.

In the following, you will read a list of the best tools:

Google Classroom

This tool is a special for your learning and teaching procedures. Google Classroom will make a flexible and easy place to have a great education. It provides lesson plans and observing learner’s progress and many more interesting tools.

Pear Deck

This Google Slide add-on is able to present various slides for mentors besides providing learner support. Mentors are free to have their own presentations or have different interactive materials like questions and form on their presentation platforms. Pear Deck would let you add audio files and customized notes to what you create.


Laramint includes a series of a precious tools for mentors because of several features. To begin, it will assign a personalized panel for mentors to create what they desire and then have the type of materials they prefer. Then, it would put mentors among an unlimited number of contents besides the ability for mentors to make the type of contents they need to share them with their courses. Finally, mentors are able to follow and track mentors’ progress, use the roadmap feature, manage different courses, etc.

Prodigy Math Game

This tool enables mentors to have a free dashboard for some reasons. Making a difference in homework items and practices, get feedbacks about learner’s progress, and show an exact assessment for their activity.


Similar to the tools we mentioned up to now, there some tools in this platform which let mentors share courses and make a positive classroom atmosphere. Here it is okay for a mentor to present learner’s progress and it has also quick and easy sign ups.


Flipgrid is a tool that makes fun in learning. Mentor van post a topic of conversation in a learning forum or community and then get his learners’ ideas about it. On the first look it appears to be an exciting tool for mentors and even learners in order to make everyone interested and motivated in learning.


This is a graphic tool for mentors to publish many posters, presentations, banners for social media, virtual backgrounds, and even infographics. Canva is ready to be an interactive tool for mentors.


This tools is mainly okay for learners in a kindergarten up to high school. Mentors are free to make their own platform and have different type of items and features that are available for their classrooms and use third-party tools as well.


Zoom has a presentation tool for mentors for the purpose of webinar platform. A mentors puts his learners in a video call and it has chat options and also some other tools for social interaction.

Microsoft Teams

By this tool, mentors are free to have a shared screen with notes, chat, presentations, and video conference features. This is a good choice for mentors who like to have seminars and speech for their class or a group of learners.


There is a communicative tool for mentors and it can make a united format for learners, their families, and mentors. It is okay for mentors to download resources and ideas and help their learners have a good learning process.


Buncee would make an easy way for mentors to have a nice and interactive contents for every course. Mentors are able to create many activities and presentations with the help of Buncee’s Ideas Lab template library. Also, mentors would have share links, downloadable files and projects for their class groups.

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