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Individual assessment​

Individual assessment means the mentor’s attempt to make an evaluation for every learner. This process is necessary when a learner needs careful attention of the mentor although it is difficult for a mentor to have time for each of his learners.

what happens in this feature?

It is better to know that Laramint provides a magic box for mentors to enable them for making any content or course they need for their learner to use. This is so important to have this aspect in the learning process. Of course it is not efficient and it takes a lot of time for a mentor to assign time for each learner. But we have made it easy on our LMS to do it better and easier. In the following, we will read some features about individual assessment:

1. tasks that cause deep thinking

in our magic box, we are going to prepare several items and ideas for a mentor to use for evaluating his learner. This is obvious by the help of rich assessment of a learner. For instance, we include many factors and aspects that altogether will make the mentor alert what his learner needs more.

Every mentor can easily use our tools that make the evaluation of the learner more accurate. All these items and tips are coherent with the given course. So there is no need for a mentor to worry about the content. This is also available for mentors to make their own contents and upload them on our LMS. By this, they can choose and assign the items they prefer for each of their learners.

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3. useful results

In the individual assessment, it will be clear for a mentor what is the problematic issue of his learner. At this point, every feedback or the result from each learner is the key to define where is the weak point. These useful results empower the mentor to put his learner in the correct and better path of education.

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