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About Us


Our Story

If you are looking for a platform that is so friendly with you and gives you everything you need, so you are in the right place.

In our open source platform you are going to provide a unique experience in education and learn differently and in a special way. We do our best to make it fun, memorable, and enjoyable for you.

We are driven by values

These days as we discuss education, everyone considers learning in a traditional form. What we are doing is to express it in a different view in which educational tools are merely at the service of simplicity and attractiveness and they are offered at a low cost for everyone in the world. This is a clear cut procedure in an open source platform and will absorb learners to have a nice experience with a free mind away from obsessions and problems.


laramint values

Super Efficient

Laramint will guarantee a super efficient expenditure for you in order to learn better.

Deeply Committed

We are committed to make an special learning atmosphere.

Highly Skilled

We possess a team of experts and specialists to help you move forward.

Ali Dehghani
Arash Dehghani
Arash Dehghani