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 Laramint is an open source
LMS platform

automatically puts you in an adventurous world of education with its unique features and services

NB: our platform is under the development process and will be completed ASAP.

This is a temporary timetable for showing our platform progress

Information Gathering
completion 100%
completion 100%
Design UI/UX
completion 10%
Content Writing and Assembly
completion 15%
completion 45%
Testing, Review and Launch
completion 25%
completion 5%


makes learning available for everyone in the world


learning is accessible for everyone in the world


a quick way in delivery of courses and contents

Why to choose LaraMint?

Course Management

No matter you are a sole mentor a small company or a big organization or even a popular education system, you are able to get benefit of a vast database of multiple courses and contents in order to satisfy your needs in the learning field. We provide an online environment for teaching and learning materials to be shared among clients.


Having fun beside education by combining technology and gamification which is surely successful in making a fruitful situation for our learners. This memorable and enjoyable experience takes place at the basis of learning and will provide better results by the end of the course.


In this shared place which is integrated to our platform and supplies you with a tremendous load of contents, any kind of client and mentors will take advantage of what is uploaded by themselves or others for the purpose of selling to their target market. in fact, the special point is that you can make a wish list for your target clients and enjoy the customized contents in there. 


Training staff and employees by the usage of your desired contents which are prepared according to your needs and desires. While using this feature, companies and organizations are capable of a remote access to the wide range of materials uploaded for their staff and even the multimedia compatibility and integrations tools which are provided for them to use. 

SMS & Email Marketing

Through SMS marketing, businesses are capable of sending promotions to customers via text messages and via email marketing, it is available for organizations and companies to have a fast promoting service which is fast, worldwide, gives reports , and also to create campaigns.

Your questions are answered

fun, progressive, reliable

If you are a beginner learner, a professional mentor or in charge of an educational center or even an organization, Laramint is your best choice to start your learning procedure

Does it suit my needs?

Yes, LaraMint is here to put you in a world of educational contents and materials that are customizable based on your needs and demands.

Is it free?

Yes, LaraMint is completely free of charge. Because of it is an open source platform most of the contents and features are free for everyone.

Is it fruitful ?

Yes, Due to a wide range of contents, progressive quizzes, gamification, and support of a mentor, Laramint will be totally applicable and trusted.

Can I have it everywhere?

Yes, Laramint is your companion all the time and everywhere you like. There is no limitation for you. So be ready to enjoy a real accessible learning mean.

Personalized contents

It is available for clients to start their course at their own level, take advantage of what they need to learn efficiently, and get to know how well they are doing their course by choosing their personalized contents.

Tools to empower mentors

Laramint helps mentors to take pleasure in usage of prepared courses or even make their desired contents and upload them on the platform in order to apply them as they wish.